What is TireDataConnect?

TireDataConnect(TDC) is a special data connection type within Connection Centre.
TireDataConnect takes the customer’s tire stock and price information from their Point of Sale(POS)
or financial system and transfers it to the Connection Centre.

Setup and manage your TDC connection easily

You can have your connection up and running in just 3 steps!

Create Connection
Run The Mapping
Edit Mapping Rules as needed

The setup process demonstrated is for TDC. TDC Plus and TDC Live have slightly different setup processes.

TDC aims to give you the best tools to help you grow your business

business growth chart

Standardize your tire dataset with ease

Your dataset is tranformed using Tire Library's mapping process, ensuring consistent, accurate and reliable tire information**.

Save your time and increase your team's efficiency

Data maintenance is no longer daunting with TDC. With less time spent on managing data, more time can be used to generate more sales.

Easy integration on many platforms

Once your connection has been set up, the data can be accessed through Connection Center's powerful webservices and manipulated in endless ways.

TDC ticks all the boxes

Fast Semi or Fully Automated Uploads

Data Redundancy

Standardized Data

Tools for business growth


Multi Location

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